Oral Liquid Filling Line

Oral Liquid Filling Line

Unscrambler, bottle blowing, Filling , Capping and Labeling Machine


  • Servo Driven volumetric Piston pump for highest flexibility, highest repeatability and operator friendly volume conversion.
  • Contact parts are FDA Approved material.
  • Patented Elevator cap sorter without vibration noise, less than 70dB.
  • Cap closing torque are servo control for highest consistency.
  • Auto rejection without machine stop.
  • Optional 100% IPC Tare-in, Tare-out weight check.
  • Optional N2 flushing.
  • Optional FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Optional Realtime Equipment OEE monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Machine Specification

Model HFC60 HFC120 HFC180 HFC250 HFC300
Output up to 50upm up to 100upm up to 150upm up to 200upm up to 250upm
Filling Accuracy +/- 1%
Filling Range 10ml -250ml
Suitable Packaging Plastic Bottle  / Glass Bottle
Screw On Cap, ROPP, Snap On Cap, pump Cap & Inner Plug
Electricity 2KW @380-415VAC 3KW @380-415VAC 4KW @380-415VAC 5KW @380-415VAC 6KW @380-415VAC
Air Supply 50LPM @6bar 50LPM @6bar 60LPM @6bar 60LPM @6bar 70LPM @6bar
Dimension (mm) L: 1560
W: 1260
H: 1870
L: 1800
W: 1450
H: 1870
L: 1900
W: 2000
H: 1870
L: 3550
W: 1050
H: 2280
L: 3800
W: 1050
H: 2280