Non Aseptic Liquid

Oral Liquid Filling Line

Unscrambler, Blowing, Filling, Capping, Capping Inspection, Cupping, Labeling Machine

SMART Complete Line Pcakaging System (Small Volume) Crop


  • Complete quality inspection system by gravity, sensors and vision camera. Bottle toppled, miss fill, missing inner plug, cap, cup or labels, printing error can be auto detect and reject without line stop.
  • Operator friendly clenaing and product conversion.
  • All contact parts are made of stainless steel 316L, silicone FDA approved material.
  • Mechanical CAM driven design for smooth and robust operation.
  • Up to 5 levels user management.
  • Audit trail for tracebility.
  • Data logging for reports.
  • Product recipies for high repeatability.
  • Production management, all output quantity, machine uptime efficiency, product yield, good and reject counters are recorded and display.
  • Full safety features by smart sensing.
  • Servo Filling system for highest accuracy and repeatibility.
  • Servo Capping system for consistent torque control.
Series 60 120 180
Performance Speed 3000 bottles / hour 6000 bottles / hour 9000 bottles / hour
Filling Range 10-500ml
Viscocity 1-10000cps
Suitable Caps Screw On Cap, ROPP Cap, Snap On Cap
Note: Optional items are available upon request N2 Flush, Laminar flow, etc. This machine contains several patents.

Watch How Our Oral Liquid Filling Line

Play Video about bottling packaging system

Enema Filling and Plugging Machine HFC60E

Enema Filling & Plugging Machine HFC60E
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Enema Bottle


  • Servo drive Piston filling system.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Servo drive star-wheel for smooth and robust operation.
  • No Bottle no fill, no plug.
  • Missing cap detection.
  • All contact parts by SUS316L with autoclave able.
  • 3 level user management.
  • Audit trial.
  • Recipes.
  • Vibrator plug with mirror finishing.
Mechanical Speed 40bpm
Production Speed up to 30bpm
Filling Range 5ml to 30ml
Electricity 1KW @380-415VAC
Air Supply 60LPM @6bar
Note: Optional Buffer Tank can be add on.