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What is a Liquid Filling Machine?

A liquid filling machine is used in various industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food & beverage to fill liquid products in bottles and containers. Liquid filling machines make filling bottles and containers easy and efficient and reduce wastage at the same time.

Benefits of Using Our Liquid Filling Machine


Our liquid filling machines can be custom-built according to your needs and budget. We understand that needs vary and therefore we do this to meet every customer’s requirements. 

Robust construction

Our machines are built with high-quality materials to ensure they do not rust easily. We understand that the machine will be used to handle different liquids.

Designed for product versatility

Irrespective of the type of liquid and bottle to be filled, our liquid filling machines are built to work just as efficiently. Whether it’s semi-liquid or something thicker, our liquid filling machines will be able to get the job done.

Minimal downtime for maintenance & cleaning

Our equipment is built to stand the test of time and therefore requires little time for maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, maintenance is not required frequently.

Easy setup with quick changeover features

Our liquid filling machines are user-friendly. Setting up the machine is easy and fast. In addition, switching to different features to fit a specific need is effortless.

Systems range from manual tabletop to fully automatic

Our system is built in such a way that it works well in any condition. Regardless of the presence of a power source, the machines are able to operate manually and automatically.

Types of Liquid Filling Machine in Malaysia

EyedropNasal Spray Filling and Capping Machine compressed

Eye-Drop/Nasal Spray Filling and Capping Machine

Sterile Vial Filling and Stoppering Machine

Vial Filling and Stoppering Machine – HFS60V / HFS120V

Bottle Blowing, Filling, Capping, Leak Testing, Labeling, Case Packing and Palletizing (Dialysis Concentrated Liquid) MACHINE

Bottle Blowing, Filling, Capping, Leak Testing, Labeling, Case Packing and Palletizing


SMART Complete Packaging System (Small Volume)

Enema Filling & Plugging Machine HFC60E

Enema Filling and Plugging Machine HFC60E

Puck System Filler & Capper Machine HFC50C

Puck System Liquid Filling and Capping Machine

Watch How Our Liquid Filling Machines Operate

Fully Automatic Hemodialysis Complete line System

HFC50C Liquid Filler & Capper for Cosmetic

Fully Auto Vial Filling & Stoppering HFS120V

MH Multipack factory

About Us

MH Multipack Sdn Bhd is the First and Only Malaysia professional SMART Packaging manufacturer that provides one-stop solutions in Smart Packaging System compatible with Industry 4.0. Established in 1998, our state-of-the-art solutions serve numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, supplement, nutrition and cosmetics.

MH Multipack Sdn Bhd has been widely recognized as the expert in manufacturing Fully Automatic SMART Complete filling line for Liquids and Powder in any bottling forms, including “Unscrambling, Rinsing, Filling, Plugging, Capping, Cupping, Visual Inspection, Labeling and Cartoning in a smart integration” with mechanical speed up to 180bpm.