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Why Product Hand Sanitizer Now?

Less Risk for Diseases

Hand sanitizers help to minimize exposure to germs, bacteria, and viruses, especially during a flu season or the COVID-19 pandemic.

Less Risk for
Diseases Softer Hands

Our hand sanitizers contain emollients that soften your skin, giving you nicer-looking and smoother hands. Especially non-alcoholic-based hand sanitizers.


Hand sanitizers are a great substitute to keep your hands clean when water and soap aren’t readily available.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Malaysia

Suitable for sanitizer in Gel/Liquid Form

Suitable for sanitizer in Gel/Liquid Form

All forms of our hand sanitizer, whether gel or liquid, are effective – because they contain between 60 and 95% alcohol, which is perfect for getting the job done.
Able to handle Spray Pump Cap/SOC Cap

Able to handle Spray Pump Cap/SOC Cap

The spray pump of our hand sanitizer is easy to use. The pump cap fits perfectly on the bottle to avoid any spillage.
Proven running record for round & oval bottles

Proven running record for round & oval bottles

Our hand sanitizers come in two beautifully shaped bottles — round and oval. The content is the same and equally effective.
cGMP Standard

Compliant with Pharmaceutical cGMP Standard

Our hand sanitizers comply with the Pharmaceutical cGMP standard to ensure all-round safety and efficacy.

IQ/QQ Included

IQ/QQ Included

Our product comes with an installation and operational qualification to show that it is produced to meet the standards set by the manufacturer and the Pharmaceutical cGMP.

Made in Malaysia

Made in Malaysia

Our products are locally made. All the ingredients are also sourced in Malaysia.

MH Multipack factory

About Us

MH Multipack Sdn Bhd is the First and Only Malaysia professional SMART Packaging manufacturer that provides one-stop solutions in Smart Packaging System compatible with Industry 4.0. Established in 1998, our state-of-the-art solutions serve numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, supplement, nutrition and cosmetics.

MH Multipack Sdn Bhd has been widely recognized as the expert in manufacturing Fully Automatic SMART Complete filling line for Liquids and Powder in any bottling forms, including “Unscrambling, Rinsing, Filling, Plugging, Capping, Cupping, Visual Inspection, Labeling and Cartoning in a smart integration” with mechanical speed up to 180bpm.

Watch how our hand sanitizer packaging system delivers 5400 bottles in an hour:

Play Video about Hand Sanitizer Complete Line ( Filling, Capping & Labeling)