Cosmetic Liquid

Puck System Liquid Filling and Capping Machine


  • Multi types of of bottles and caps in single machine.
  • Robustness by mechanical CAM driven.
  • Fast changeover.
  • Instant adaptability to new bottles with no change of parts or starwheel.
  • Extremely minimum maintenence.
  • Small foot print.
  • Consistent filling & capping quality.
  • Product recipies for high repeatability.
  • Operator friendly design with HMI.
Mechanical Speed 50bpm
Production Speed up to 40bpm
Filling Volume 10 - 250ml (upgradeable to 500ml)
Suitable Liquid Perfume, deodarant, toner, shampoo, consitioner , lotion, shower gel & etc
Suitable Container almost any type of bottle inluded bottomless shape
Suitable Caps Snap on , screw on, flip top, crimp caps, pumps caps
Electricity 10A @ 380-415VAC Three Phase
Air Supply 50LPM @ 6 bar
Machine Weight 900kg
Foot Print L 1.7m x W 1.3m x H 2m (excluding conveyor)
Note: Due to continuous improvements policies, specifications are determined regionally and subject to upgrade without period notice. This machine contains several patents.