How Does Peristaltic Pump Work in A Pharma Filling Machine?

👀 Do you know how does a #Peristaltic_Pump Filler Work in the Pharmaceutical Industry⁉ This is worth your attention. ➡ Peristaltic pump fillers are a type of filling machine used in the pharmaceutical industry to fill containers with liquid products.They work by using a flexible tube or hose and a series of rollers to compress […]

Types of Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling System

😮 Do you know pharmaceutical liquid filling machines use a variety of filling systems depending on the type of product being filled, the viscosity of the liquid, the desired fill volume, and other factors? Here’s something that might interest you! 🔸 Piston Filling System:This system uses a piston to draw the liquid into a cylinder, […]

Premium Quality Pharma Powder & Liquid Filling System


Are you looking for a complete line filling solutions for your pharmaceutical & Cosmetic production? Choose MH from Malaysia! MH is a leading international manufacturer of premium quality Powder and Liquid filling machines and integrated filling solutions for the Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic industries in product packaging, production line and project development. Our Product Range Includes: […]

Importance of Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Medicine in shelves in commissioning machine in pharmacy

Importance of Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry The packaging of pharmaceutical products involves properly wrapping and containing pills, liquids, and other medication types. Careful packaging is important to maintain the quality of the medication.   Not only does packaging shield the medicine from physical damage, but also biological deterioration. Sensitive drugs require sufficient protection from […]