Aseptic Powder

Aseptic Powder Filling and Closing Line

Washing, Depyrogenation Tunnel, Filling, Stoppering and Capping Machine

Introducing the complete aseptic processing for injectable Powder Dosing, stopping, and Capping with production speed up to 200 units per minute. It can be connected to the upstream washing and depyrogenation tunnel.


  • Full Servo Driven with Rapid changeover and minimum change part.
  • Linear intermittent motion. Vials are gently transported via parallel grippers without knocking each other.
  • Micro Auger Dosing technology, dosing volume can be fast and repeatability adjusted via HMI.
  • 15” IPC HMI Comply to FDA 21 CFR PART 11.
  • Barrier System in LAF or RABS.
  • 100% weight IPC with full speed. (Optional)
  • N2 gas flushing before and after. (Optional)
  • Media Fill (Optional)
  • Vial Loading via Turn Table via turn table. Gently pitched out by Servo Pitcher to the main indexer with full servo Electronic CAM speed synchronization.
  • Main Indexer by Parallel V Grip design to securely grip and transfer the vial. No change part is required for this main indexer plate. Changing different vial diameters or heights is programmable in the Recipe.
  • Dosing system by SUS316L Precision Micro Auger driven by Servo, dosing range is wide without change part.
  • A single-hopper design with multiple dosing nozzles facilitates powder handling and requires fewer parts to clean. The Vial is lifted into the dosing nozzle to ensure minimum dust is created for hygiene dosing.
  • 2 Axis Robot to pick & place the stopper with the help of a vacuum.
  • No vial, No Stopper.
  • Stopper missing detection & auto rection are in place as standard.
  • Capping Stations are partitioned from a dosing area with differential pressure for better sterility.
  • Cap Sealing Depth by programmable Pilfer Roller.
  • Good Vials will be unloaded to the downstream conveyor via a vacuum star wheel.


  • 15” IPC intuitive design HMI
  • Comply to FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Electronic Batch Record
  • Non-Editable Audit Trial
  • 3 Level User Management
  • Recipes
  • OEE Dashboard Visualization

Machine Specification

Speed 50upm 100upm 150upm 200upm
Dosing Range 0.1gm-5gm
Container 6R-50R
Voltage 380V-415V, 50Hz
Air 6 Bar

Customised Machine Layout