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SMART Complete Line Packaging System
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We had been using several types of sticker labelling machine supplied by MH Multipack Sdn Bhd for years. Based on our past experience, MH had never failed in rendering good after-sales services and technical supports. I would recommend MH Multipack Sdn Bhd to any company who are expecting positive service attitude and reasonable pricing.
Xepa-Soul Pattinson Sdn Bhd
Mr. Gan JY (Engineering Manager)
We had been using MH products for a few years. We are currently using Liquid filler&Capper, Tube Filler and Labelers. MH had shown their professionalism in pharma packaging machineries and we are happy to be the customer for MH and recommending their products to others that need an Filling machine with competitive price.
Zontron Pharmaceutical Sdn Bhd
Mr. Vispanathan (Managing Director)
MH had supplied us two units of Liquid filler and one unit of Tipper & Capper, The machines sold to us are state of art and exceed our expectations. By this opportunity, we have no hesitation to recommend MH to any companies who seek the machines as describe.
PT Morel Renee
Bp Rommy (Managing Director)
We spend four months to analyze before buying our first MH Liquid Line. We decided our second line in four day.

Siribuncha Co Ltd